Tuesday, October 27

"No, no..I don't do shots. I will just have a beer, thanks."

Flu Shot...to get or not to get. That is the question. Is it our moral responsibility to have one? Does that only apply if you have children? Unfortunately, staying home during the day, I have the ability to tune into "The View" and listen to the women fight over getting the flu shot versus not.

Now, this would not be an issue for me, as I would normally pretend I never watched "The View" (and please believe me it was only for a few minutes-60 tops), except my sister, who I sometimes forget has a PhD in analytical chemistry, asks me every single time we talk if I got the flu shot. The best part about this is that she is not trying to be annoying. She truly does not remember that she has asked me six to seven times and the horrifying 'no' I give her each time just slips her mind. Is she purposely blocking it out or does her brain hold too much scientific information to have room for the fact that I do not want someone putting a big needle through my body to give me a virus so I do not get a virus, but may get virus similar affects.

Is it money, she asks, because they are only $20 in this, that and the other place.

No, it is not the money. What if I get the flu from it?  I ask her.

That is impossible, she scolds me. The virus they inject you with is dead.

I feel much better now. Excuse me, where is the nearest shop selling dead virus injections?

Meanwhile, my boyfriend's father is a doctor and has been pressuring him for years to get the flu shot. He explained that every year you get the shot your body has more and more defenses against more and more strands of the virus. Admittedly, it does scare me that when the world comes down with a flu that wipes us out, I will be the first to go, as I am years behind everyone else in my shots. So, why start now? I wonder. I have a feeling my sister knows the answer.
My boyfriend did get the shot this year, formally ending one of my very researched arguments for my sister as to why I did not get it.  "Well, he didn't!" 
He got the regular flu shot. When he started to get sick a week later, his father explained it takes up to two weeks for the shot to work. Great.
He did avoid the flu though and everything worked out.

Now, what about the H1N1 shot! A totally separate shot, totaling two big needles needed through my skin.  Half of offices are home sick from it, or quietly oinking at their desks infecting co-workers. Meetings and outings are being canceled as people are out of the office to care for themselves and for sick children.  It is disgusting.

Shot or not, I honestly cannot think of a better time for my 'forced work hiatus'. 
As for my flu shots-To be determined..


Becky said...

I am seriously laughing so hard at my desk! You are so funny. Listen, just get it. It doesn't hurt. Go to CVS or Walgreens. DO IT! I really want the H1N1 vaccine, but it is barely available to the people who need it (kids, health professionals, parents of under 6 month old babies, etc.) so I doubt I will be able to get it. If you can get it, you should. Teenagers/young adults are particularly susceptible to it. I am glad to hear your boyfriend came to his senses. It's not too late for you. :)

Lynda said...

Well written but I agree with Becky. I got my H1N1 shot on Saturday. You made me laugh! Just do it. I am surrounded at work with children suffering with H1N1.