Wednesday, October 13

Silver Lining

About a year ago I bought a big jar of multi vitamins.  I was excited to start taking care of myself.  I was going to take one every day just like the directions told me to. 

This lasted about a week before I bought something else (maybe bugles?) and just started eating them every day instead.

The multi vitamins were pushed farther and farther back in my cabinet until this morning when a bunch of stuff fell out of my cabinet  until this morning when I was cleaning my cabinet and I found the almost completely full jar.  I decided the only way I would take them everyday is if I take them into work and have one with my breakfast. 

So, about 10 minutes ago, I popped a pill.  Then I thought- Oh, I should check the expiration date. 

Don't worry- we're good until Jan 2011!

Then I thought, I'm going to check out some product reviews online.  I looked down to make sure I had the exact title and began to type:

"C E N T R U M    S I L V E R....

for Adults ... 50+ "


And to make things worse, I have that gross pill taste in my mouth.  You know the one; the one that tastes like 'old.' 

And by old- I'm talking 80+ so calm down.  :)

I guess the 'Silver Lining' is extra fiber!

XO-Sensitive Centrum Silver Sally