8/25/2010:  Why didn't anyone ever tell me about arugula?  It's delicious!!!

8/16/2010: I bought a coffee in Disney World.  I gave them cash and they gave me back magical dollar coins.  As it turns out, they are not magical at all, nor do they have any special disney meaning.  The Sacagawea dollar has been around since 1999!  Who knew?!  (Besides EVERYONE I told about my New Discovery)  Anyway- If you have not seen them, Check them out! 
'What's that creepy pirate behind the coins' you ask?  That's just the bandana I wore on Pirate Night-
At dinner-
With my parents-
We got eye patches too-
This just keeps getting weirder doesn't it?

8/5/2010: While perusing the aisles of Target during my weekly trip to purchase useless items from the $1 section and beyond, I encountered them. Hello Bugles, we meet again. It became clear I had to get out of there fast, as the bugles were growing in strength. Long ago were the days of the simple "original" flavor. Standing there, defenseless against the seemingly endless aisle of bag after bag of bugles, I discovered not only "chocolate peanut butter" flavor, but also "nacho cheese" and "caramel." Needless to say I ran out of the store before they force fed themselves to me or I wouldn't be here to tell you my tale, but not before purchasing some super neat squiggly straws, a $1 for 4. They were multi-colored!

8/3/2010: Next time you're looking for a real ZING!, ask someone if they have a 'carfor'.

"What's a carfor," you ask?

Drivin' around in when I'm not writing my blog.             ZING!


7/27/2010: Adventures with a Sensitive Sally = A.S.S. ...
Whoops, she thinks 10 months later.

7/26/2010: Recently I found a new gadget that gives me stats on my blog viewers. Not surprisingly the United States holds most of my readers. More surprising? I only have two readers in Morocco... What happened, Morocco? Have you been reading Insensitive Ian?

United States 243
United Kingdom 7
India 6
Italy 6
Germany 5
Canada 4
Belgium 3
Luxembourg 2
South Africa 2
Morocco 2

7/22/2010: Imagine my surprise when I popped in four green spearmint flavored tictacs that I had just purchased from Target only to find they were actually -new flavor- GREEN APPLE!!! Highlight of today.. so far!