Monday, August 16

Disney Family Vacation (Minus the Kids!)

If I could use one word to describe my family's recent vacation to Disney World, it would have to be more of a picture than an actual word and it's the kind of picture that you have to ask permission to use, if you know what I mean, and I am almost sure that you don't know what I mean, because quite frankly, this picture is so amazing, it really can't be talked about and really should be shown only to an audience who can truly appreciate it.  So if you think you can appreciate it, please, please check out what my Dad did to my brother-in-law.

Highlights of the trip include, but are certainly not limited to:

*Pirate Night at the local restaurant.  'Free eye patches with your meal!'
*Bar hopping through Germany, Japan and England.
*Waking up before the sun to get to the parks and push small children out of our way when trying to be first in line for roller coasters. 
*Getting out of the ocean before the nippy, invisible creatures got us too badly.
*People watching at the Cracker Barrel- Lovely Folks.
*Dole Whip!  (A pineapple ice-cream delight that is served only in Hawaii and the Magic Kingdom)
*Quality Time with my Favorite people in the world!

My family certainly knows how to 'Do Disney'!  The fact that our youngest is 26 years old causes us no shame in going back year after year.  Each year is a new memory, and we'll capture that memory by getting a picture with Mickey every single trip- even if it means interrupting a kid's birthday party. 

He'll understand when he's older.  

People ask me all the time how I can stand going to the parks so much.  'The crowds, the lines, the heat, the children!' They exclaim.  These people have obviously never done Disney with my crew, or they would certainly change their tune.  (Perhaps to 'It's a Small World After All' since it might be in their heads.)

When asked what he thought of the Disney World parks after his recent trip with my family, Hernando* replied, much to my delight, "It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." 

Tune = Changed.

And really, what more can you ask for? 

Well, I guess you could ask for this.

Until next year, Disney!  :)

*Name has been changed to protect the innocent

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Anonymous said...

You rock baby sister!

Becky said...

Hilarious!!! I love that picture! :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that picture!