Friday, October 9

Chocolate Cake

I had already decided that yesterday and today would be my goof-off days.  Just relax and enjoy your freedom, I said to myself.  You deserve a break from harsh reality.  Next week you will dive into your future.  Next week you will find yourself.  Next week everything will fall into place.*  Well, it's hard to do nothing!

I woke up early**, visited with my cousin in the morning, made some networking attempts and checked Facebook more times than I am going to tell you about.***  With nothing left to do, I decided to bake a chocolate cake.  It came out amazing, tasted like heaven and other than that whole crumbling into pieces part, was perfect.  Which brings me to my analogy... 

Life is a chocolate cake. 

Just because it falls to pieces, does not mean it doesn't taste delicious.  Also, I whipped up some homemade frosting, and while applying this to my broken masses of chocolate, I discovered that it was able to hold the chunks together and in the end mask the ridges of the earthquake.**** 


Meanwhile, I no longer have co-workers to bring in baked goods for.  Anyone want some cake?  I use FedEx.

No, I don't blindly believe this.
** 9:30AM
*** I am still not telling how many times!
**** Me attempting to flip the cake onto a cooling rack
***** This is absolutely NOT what my cake looks like. Mine looks better******

****** Not true


Becky said...

LOL! I am seriously laughing so hard at my desk. You are hilarious! Please send me cake! Better yet, come visit with cake. :)

Barbara said...

I can attest to the fact that this is an amazingly delicious cake. However, I may grow fat if your baking doesn't actually get Fed Exed somewhere else. Call the ABC House. Maybe the boys would like some cake. Bring it to my workplace on Monday. I know it will disappear quickly.

Chuck Wolfe said...

I just tasted the cake and it does taste better than the blog looks. Not only that but the lunch you made for me was delicious. Thanks for both!