Friday, October 16

Science Experiment/Trip to the Mall

Hypothesis- Malls Are Sad Places During Work Hours

Experiment- As much as I hate the over-crowded hustle and bustle of a late afternoon weekend trip to the mall, today's early afternoon trip just felt eerie.  I could hear each unemployed step I took down the empty walkways, and I felt bad for myself every time I turned to my friend to make fun of an outfit in a store window.  This was mainly because I was alone. 

Observations- There was an overweight man with a mustache, no beard- just the stache, wearing a Patriots tee shirt- from 2004- leaning against the railing.  What are you waiting for, kind sir?  I did not ask.  Otherwise, I saw a few Moms looking ragged with tiny people around them holding their hands, casually relaxing in strollers, screaming.  Then there were college girls giggling and shopping between classes, or maybe even skipping a class because who cares?  They do not have a care in the world.
I momentarily found myself envying the employed girl taking my money at my favorite store.  As she stepped away from the counter and I realized just how pregnant this 17 year old girl was, I decided to snap out of it.  I tried retail once anyway, and if anyone else reading this has ever dressed a mannequin, then you know why I occasionally still have day-mares from my short stint at Macys. 

Conclusion-  Malls are kind of sad no matter when you go. 

Luckily yesterday was not sad at all and in fact very productive with an interview at a small investment company and a graduate school open house at a local (and very affordable) state college with a possibly perfect career path I just may pursue.  Also, I am moving into my friend's new condo tonight!


Lynda said...

I look forward to reading your blog each day. Good luck on the job seeking. You are in our prayers.

Sensitive Sal said...

Thank you, Lynda. You are too sweet!

Becky said...

I too look forward to your blog posts! :) I agree malls can be depressing. Come visit Chicago, and we can go boutique shopping -- much more exciting! Congrats on the interview and the grad school open house. It's wonderful you are being so proactive.