Thursday, October 1

I Had a Beer at Lunch Today...

This probably does not sound so crazy to you, but I do not drink mid-work day on a regular basis. It makes me tired mostly, not to mention the act of "holding it together" when you are tipsy is incredibly hard. (Yes, I did mention one beer and tipsy in the same blog)

Of course, this is no regular day. Today Human Resources paid me a visit.

Oh, HR, thank you for stopping by. You never come to chat anymore. Have you been busy, HR, laying off my friends and planning out my death sentence? Oh, it must be so hard for you. Tell me all about it, HR.

Oh, you're right, it will be better to just read about it in this handy packet you gave me. Thanks so much for stopping by, HR.

So, there you have it. I'll be gone in a week. Drink up, friends, for it is time for a new beginning!

To be continued...


Barbara Wolfe said...

Dear Sensitive Sal,

My guess is that you'll thank them some day for sending you out to seek new beginnings. (You can curse them at the same time that you're thanking them.)

Your biggest fan

Chuck Wolfe said...

New beginnings, while exciting, also often mean something else is ending which represents a loss. It takes some time to grieve when you lose something important. And change, while exhiliarating, is often initially debilitating. One comment I heard a long time ago is that the only person who really likes change is a baby with a wet diaper. And yet once you realize that the emotional challenges in life are what make you stronger, over time confidence builds. You will soon learn to view each change as an exciting new chapter in your own personal story and you will begin to greet each day with enthusiasm.

Warm regards,

Scott said...

maybe two beers at lunch on today?

Sensitive Sal said...

It is Friday, Scott!