Monday, October 12

Amusement (Park)

When I first heard about the drama going on in my old work place, I could actually feel the stress start to creep through my veins.  It started in my back and traveled up to my neck where I used to get sore from sitting and staring at a screen all day.  My legs felt restless from hours of crossing and uncrossing them at meetings.  My fingers began to ache from typing reports and I remembered the paper cuts, the staple removers and the look on an otherwise wonderful man's face when he was about to ask you for the smallest favor ever.  I went through a roller coaster of emotions. 

                                                            I felt the stress aforementioned.

Then guilt for not being there to help the poor souls who have had my old responsibilities dumped on top of their own.   


After that I felt this strange wave of happiness, like I was floating, like I had just come in from a run in the middle of a beautiful day and had the world at my fingertips...


                               Then guilt again for feeling happy.

Ultimately, I landed on content because I remembered that 'The Man' running the roller coaster had paused the big machine and politely asked me to get off.

I think I will have a corndog while I mull over my next ride.


Missa said...

I love this analogy, Sarah! It actually made me hungry :)

Sensitive Sal said...

Right! When was the last time you had a corndog? The 90s?