Wednesday, October 7

HR at the BAR

I went into my last Human Resources meeting with a pretty good attitude. I was pretty much fresh out of tears having already filled up two buckets that morning. So, I went in smiling. Lorie, my representative, was smiling as well and very kind. We soon found out we had grown up on the very same street, although 15 years apart. I even enjoyed this fact as she handed me my final packet to sign. We discussed her adorable shoes and how my co-workers and I were going out for a happy hour after work.
"Where are you having it?"
"At the new place down the road."
"Oh, I haven't checked it out yet..."
"Well, Lorie, you are more than welcome to join us" I laughed.
She laughed, too. "Oh, no, I don't want to give anyone a heart attack..I know my nickname is the grim reaper."
Hahaha. We both laughed and I told her to have a great night as I shut her office door behind me.

So, wasn't I surprised when Lorie walked into the bar. So was everyone else. She threw back one beer like a champion, said hello to everyone and then left for an early business dinner.

I actually enjoyed the fact that she came. (though I can't speak for everyone) It took a lot of guts. The whole thing was just another reminder to me that this situation is not easy for anyone. Not even the grim reaper.


Becky said...

Great post! Just goes to show how hard this recession is on everyone. Glad you had a nice HR person to make the day go by a little bit easier. Thinking of you!

Ubiquitous said...

I think you have a new calling as a writer :)

Looking forward to your next post