Sunday, October 4

Water Cooler

Isn't it funny how you spend all your time looking for a job, only to get one and then immediately begin to say things like, "Is it Monday already?" and "The weekend just went by too quickly." "Always does, Joe, always does." (laughs by the water cooler) Joe is every co-worker you and I ever had, by the way.

Take a freaking vacation day, Joe. In the end no one is going to care that you slept til ten, splurged on a mocha frappuccino in lieu of your homemade brew, and finally found out what daylight looks like at 2 PM on a Tuesday. Not your boss, not your mother, not your neighbor and certainly not your dog who will take extra pleasure in a mid-day hike.

What they will notice, in the end, is that on Wednesday you have something exciting to say.

Think about what you have to say. Is it inspiring?

Take a day off, Joe. You can hang with me.

*Side note- After watching the movie, The Departed, tonight- This entire blog entry is written and should be read with a Boston accent. (Including this side note.) Go back and try it-Spice up your Monday.


Becky said...

I love that movie! And I agree with you. Joe needs to get a life!

Barbara Wolfe said...

Hi Sal,

Joe should stahht to get a life. Meanwhile, mahhket yah talents to everyone you know.

a message from someone who loves you, written in a Boston accent