Thursday, October 8


I used to rip my calendar's last month's pictures out and hang them in my cubicle.  A polar bear family, a lone wolf, an African sunset, a hot air balloon, palm trees in the tropics, anything that made me smile, and made my co-workers smile...  This is one of many tell tale signs I might not belong in corporate America.

Last night I was cleaning out my cube and I began to take down each picture and put it on my friend's desks as a last good-bye.  They were not there, as it was 6:30PM- marking the latest I have ever stayed at the office.

It was just me and Robinson, the afternoon janitor who comes by each day to empty our trash bins.  Sometimes he would leave me Mexican candies next to my keyboard, and more recently a post-it note with a red flower, (personally hand drawn), next to my mouse.  We always said hello, how are you and good-bye.  It was a nice relationship and a good way for me to end, and for him to start, our day.

When I told him it was my last day and he began to cry, it came as a bit of a shock to me.  His english is not perfect so he held up a finger and repeated "sorry, sorry" as he backed away and the tears spilled out. I did not know what to do.  He explained to me, in broken english, that he had been working there for 11 years and it was hard for him to see people come and go.  He said he considered me a friend and he is only human, so this makes him sad that I will not be there anymore.  I ended up giving him one of my calendar pictures, a red flower, because he is a friend.  I think we would all be surprised how many people we affect everyday and this was just another reminder for me.

At the end of the day, I knew I would be missed. 

By the way, today marks the official first day of the rest of my life.  Wish me luck.


Becky said...

Oh Sarah, that story made me tear up. You are such a kind hearted person. Not many people take the time to converse with those in positions below them, and you obviously made an impact on this man. What a beautiful story. Good luck moving forward! I know you will find a place that recognizes your talents and your skills and lets you flourish.

Barbara said...

This is so beautifully described that I could actually picture Robinson talking with you.