Wednesday, September 30

I Got The Finger Today..

At least I think I did. It was so casual that he may have been scratching his neck. Judging from the fact that he was middle aged and in a blue minivan, I'm going to guess it was the finger. Also, I cut him off. Driving is hard before coffee.

Anyway, when it actually 'hurt my feelings' that this nameless, faceless, minivan driving, sad little man gave me the finger- it struck me just how sensitive I really am these days.

For the record, my name is not Sal, or Sally for that matter, but I am sensitive. I am one of many who recently lost their job. Like so many others in my nameless, faceless, big insurance company, I am a dead man walking. I know my job has been eliminated and I am waiting to find out what happens next. It's exciting, really.

So, at this point, I forgive you minivan man. I am positive that by now you have lost your job, your wife has lost their job, or you have watched friends and your own co-workers around you lose their jobs. In any case, consider the finger forgotten, bud.



Becky said...

I am sorry Sarah! That guy is a jerk! Although I am being hypocritical as you know my middle finger story. :) Love you and so proud of you for starting a blog!!!

Barbara Wolfe said...

Dear Sensitive Sally,

That minivan man scratching his neck is a brute for giving you the finger just because you slightly misjudged lane spacing this morning. He should be a little more sensitive.