Monday, November 2


As you are strolling along on the path of life
feeling kind of bad about yourself
getting a ton of sympathy
The road ahead is long and empty
looking to be filled with whatever you could possibly imagine
though it is getting harder and harder to stay positive
You have found the perfect negative and sarcastic tone for your blog
and maybe your life
and then all of a sudden...

You get a job!!!

That does not start for two months..
But, you are still getting severance from your old company!!!

If you know me, you might expect me to exclaim, "I'm going to Disney World!" and have it be completely true.  However, that family trip will be later in 2010.  For now, I am just going somewhere!

Let me know if there is room on your couch and I will see you soon. ;-)


Becky said...

Yay!! Glad it is public news! Congrats little one! :) Can't wait to see you soon in Chicago!! And your line about Disney World cracked me up! :)

Scott said...

Does this mean no more blog!?

Sensitive Sal said...

Well...I was thinking that no one was commenting, and I was getting discouraged. You know, tinkerbell is to clapping, as Sensitive Sal is to commenting! (You may have had that one on your SATs) But, since you commented- The blog continues!!!! :) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You can stay on my couch anytime!

Anonymous said...

That was me - DB.

Lynda said...

So glad to hear you will continue your blog! I really enjoy reading it!

Jodi said...

Yay! Congrats on the job. Everything works out! Miss Monday lunches!!