Tuesday, November 24

Saving the Roads One DMV Trip at a Time

Today I was officially out of bed before 9AM. When I was first laid off I decided to wake up early every morning, and I did, (I swear), but as the days go on, the laziness builds and the drinking gets heavier, the hour I wake gets later and later. My DVR-ed episodes of the original 90210 will wait for me, and there is just not that much more to do.

(I woke up to this poster on my ceiling every morning in High School-BTW)

Today, however, was a big day. A trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles was in order, and I was up for the challenge. When I got the letter recruiting me for this tour of duty, I was proud, honored that they would select me to have my license renewed. No longer would my vertical license read “under 21 until….” No longer would I be turned away at baseball games and concerts because the new stadium rule states that even if you are over 21 your license can not utter the earlier mentioned phrase. No longer will my picture be a 19 year old Sensitive Sally, who I kindly refer to as, ‘teenage brat with an attitude problem’. Judging from the bags under my eyes in my old license picture, I had been binge drinking for at least a college semester with no night or day off, not sleeping, maybe being hazed by my sorority sisters, and there was no place for authority in my life.

“Look right here and we’ll take your picture, Miss.”

“I’ll look wherever the hell I want, DMV guy.”

At least that is what the picture suggests happened.

I digress. I got my new license and it was pretty painless, $66 later. My picture is not much better, since I forgot to take down the side ponytail I put in this morning, and my smile is large and aggressive from my 2.5 cups of coffee that I had plenty of time to drink while waiting in all the lines, but hey, I am an over 21 organ donor and that is alright with me.

On top of getting my new license, I also had the task of changing the title over from my parent’s, to my name on my car. What is the title, you ask? I totally agree. Eventually, after 3 separate visits to the DMV, leaving empty handed and unsettled, I finally figured it out. I had everything the DMV man asked me for today. It was as smooth as the center of a chocolate lava cake. I used that reference because you really do have to get through some rough cake to get to the smooth center. Yum.

Side note- I read in Cosmopolitan recently that “lava cake is out this year”. Seriously. I think they said cheesecake is in. If cheesecake goes out of style, I am going to be labeled quite a loser, not just because I truly enjoy the taste, but also because my bedroom wallpaper is pictures of different flavored cheesecakes with me taking a bite of each one. I’ll have to throw out my ‘I love NY Cheesecake’ matching pillow set and let’s just say my entire bathroom set will go with them. Careful, Cosmo, I’m in cahoots with the DMV now.

In any case, my work with the DMV is done for now. As I left the building, I received a few head nods and maybe a smile from the other people still waiting, still serving their roads. No one in there spoke English, except the people working, or else I am sure they would have asked me for a speech and honored my brave journey in updating my license and changing important paperwork. I returned home safely after my tour and was received with hugs (from my mom who came over for lunch).

I hope I never have to go back, but you know how it is. Once you courageously sign up to drive on American roads, your work is never done.
I will see you soon, DMV man. (Unless you get laid off.)


Becky said...

I remember being confused about the title too! Good work tackling the DMV -- I hate those grown up tasks! And that Caturday at the DMV made me laugh out loud. :) See you tomorrow!!! XOXO

Scott said...

Dear Sensitive Sally,

I'd say getting that taken care of in only 3 visits is impressive. While moving to Colorado, I had to visit the DMV (several of them), the department of revenue (whatever the hell that is), the clerks office at the courthouse, the emissions office, and make several lengthy calls to the Connecticut DMV. It felt pretty damn good when I finally got that CO license and new CO plates (and title!).....

WELL, on Sunday, several months after handling all of this, I was pulled over and the kind officer told me my fancy new license was coming back "revoked for unpaid fine." After a failed attempt of telling him this simply could not be, he took my license away and made my friend drive away. WELL, after taking 6 hours off of work on monday to re-visit all my previously mentioned places (escorted by a Panda Bear) I was finally told by Division C of the clerks office "We're sorry there's a $30 admin/court fee that sometimes we forget to tell people about, this has happened before, let me waive that fee."

Well, I was pretty shocked to have somebody confirm that this was, in fact, NOT my fault!

It felt pretty good, but I still had to go get my picture taken for a new license, which I will have in up to 30 days.

Hope they let me on the plane with an old CT license and a temporary CO one!

See you this weekend, sorry for the long blogsponse!

p.s. *** Cheesecake rules ***

Sensitive Sal said...

They better let you into CT with your old/temp license. I saw your panda tonight and a few lipnicks, too. We discussed how excited we were to see you, Scott!!!

Also, Becky, thanks for commenting on Caturday. While it had no place or reference, I just felt it belonged and if one fan agrees, I think I made the right choice. Love you.