Thursday, July 1

Cone Shaped Guilt; A short story

There was a part of me that didn’t want to buy the chocolate and peanut butter bugles.

It was the same part of me that looked with disgust at the woman down the aisle in Target who was almost finished with a party sized bag of lay’s potato chips that we’ll never know whether she ended up purchasing.

I would NEVER eat chips in a store before buying them.

No. I waited until the car to open the bugles that I just admitted to you I did purchase.

I remember being a kid and eating bugles.

The kids around me would put one cone shaped bugle on each of their tiny fingers.

The bugles never fit on my fingers.

I see why now.

My fingers weren’t fat; the openings of the cones are just tiny!

Apparently all those kids had mutant, infinitesimal fingers.

Freaks, I thought as I stuffed more bugles in my mouth.

I cannot believe they combined bugles with chocolate and peanut butter. Tiny fingered geniuses.

In the end, which came quickly, I realized I can never buy these bugles again.

Speaking of tiny and fingers...


Scott said...

Sometimes I open a soda before I've paid for it. Hey, I'm thirsty!

Would Sensitive Sal be giving me the stink eye?

Original Bugles are the best, even though I haven't had a bag since Squadron Line.

Sensitive Sal said...

Scott, You can open a soda whenever you want to! (But I'll definitely give you the stink eye)

Becky said...

Ahhhh Bugles! What a blast from the past! Those tiny little monkeys are so cute and remind me of you!! XO Can't wait to read your next post SS!

Becky said...

What else is new SS?

Becky said...

Wow, I guess July has been a slow month, eh Sal? To keep you occupied check out these tiny monkeys: