Wednesday, December 23

Sore Throat, A Poem Better Read than Said (Due to the Circumstances)

Burning redness, aching flesh

Wake in the middle of the night                                                        

No enlightenment from a thermometer

The flashlight holds more might.

Cough drops soothe,

The night is long

Pain meds help,

But they’re not strong

The night is long, the night is long.

All day I drink tea, throw scalding water at my throat

For just a time, a short, short time, the liquid helps to coat.

Vitamin C, Zinc and rest

I am bored out of my mind

Please stop hurting, throat, I beg

For this is most unkind.

The day is long, the day is long, longer than the night.

The worst is the evening,

When day passes into the night

The beast beats its fists with all its might

I feel it pounding on my neck

Its fiery temper raging, every swallow brings a cringe

It leaves me as a restless, helpless wreck.
The eve is long, the eve is long, the longest time of all.

Sore throat, you win, please move on now

I’ve things to do and snow to plow

I’ve had enough

Of all this stuff

Please turn and take your bow.

The end is near, the end is near

Please tell me that the end is here.

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Jennifer said...

Feel better sister!!! I'm sorry I'm not there to take care of you. :(