Monday, December 21

Home, and Older.

I am finally home from my two week US adventure and it feels pretty nice.

Since we last spoke, me and you, I was just leaving Arizona to meet up with Hernando* in San Francisco.  As usual my boyfriend took me on the most fabulous vacation ever.  We spent three night in Point Reyes, a California state park an hour north of San Fran.  The cabin we stayed in was charming to say the least.  It was called, "Annie's Place".  We quickly learned Annie was a dog, judging from the framed picture, dog bed and dog printed sheets. 

Our adventures in and around Annie's Place included, but were not limited to, lazy rainy days, foggy hikes to see enormous elephant seals, more cow and deer sightings then I have seen in the past ten years combined, hikes up mountains to gorgeous ocean views, beach cliffs, bush whacking, flying kites on the beach, weather changing drastically in minutes, stinky french cheeses and amazing jasmine infused chocolates and a hummingbird "trapped" in the house, repeatedly hitting itself against our glass window pane trying to get to his soul mate just outside the window.  Eventually, after many failed attempts at gentle coercing, Hernando picked up this little, tiny, precious bird, whose neck turned red in the sunlight and body beamed green when it flew, and gently set him free to fly off with his lover, only to return minutes later.  Luckily we knew now to shut our door.
Later our friends came up to meet us and we played frisbee, a pick up soccer game and hiked some more before we all headed back to the city.

Have you been to San Francisco?  Have you seen these hills?  On every street you walk straight up or straight down, with incredible inclines.  It would be impossible to be fat in this city! 

My great friend, Amanda, took me on a tour of downtown and to a wonderful farmer's market.  I met her amazing friends and had a complete blast checking out her life in Cali.. Kind of makes me want to move there...

To top it off, Hernando decided we would celebrate my upcoming birthday on Saturday night, our last night of vacation.  He and his friends went out without me knowing, got me a birthday cake, and filled the room with balloons.  I may have only known two of the 15 people in the room well, but it still felt great to have people sing happy birthday to me! :)  Amanda also brought champagne over, Hernando's friend made homemade pizzas for us and the night was great!
I should also mention that Hernando, DG and Matt (the two friend's of Hernando's that we stayed with) made me Crab cake Eggs Florentine for breakfast and put a birthday candle in it that morning. :)

So, after getting home last night around 11 PM, I felt like my vacation couldn't have been better!  Until we got a flat tire five minutes from the airport.  Thank goodness for AAA...

At midnight, freezing, surrounded by the snow banks I had avoided the last two weeks, I sat in Hernando's broken down car just off highway 91 and entered my mid to late twenties.

And it felt great. :)

*Name has been changed to protect the innocent


Lynda said...

San Francisco is one of my favorite places glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the flat tire, it must have been cold waiting for AAA.

Have a wonderful Birthday.

Scott said...

Sounds like a great trip! Does this mean that the witty, bitter, sarcastic, ironic Sensitive Sal has been permanently replaced by a happy-go-lucky version?

Sensitive Sal said...

San Fran is wonderful, Lynda!

Scott- It depends. Who do you like more? Anyway- it's hard to be bitter when traveling and birthdaying. Don't worry, I start work in a couple weeks.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Sister!

Becky said...

Happy happy birthday little one! Sounds like a great trip! How wonderful of everyone to celebrate your birthday all weekend. I love SF too!

We are driving back to southern CA from Vegas right now - the desert is beautiful.