Sunday, December 13

East, West, West, East, West, East

My traveling continued from Chicago to warm, sunny Arizona.  Did I say warm?  My mistake!  It was barely 60 degrees for the three days I was there.  Normally this time of year it is around 75 and totally awesome, and about three weeks ago it was a whopping 95 degrees, but no, not this week, not for ol' Sal.  Oh well, coming from Connecticut and just barely making it on a flight out of Chicago missing a snowstorm by about an hour- 60 degrees and sunny worked for me.  It made me giggle watching the born and bred Arizonians bundle up in winter coats, scarfs and mittens- especially when I spoke with my parents in CT and heard about the six inches of snow we were currently getting there.

Despite the bitter cold, I pushed on in AZ.  My Aunt and Uncle and my cousins, Jason and Stacey, showed me a great time complete with touring Scottsdale, checking out U of A in Tucson and a Phoenix Suns Basketball game!

Now I'm back east for the weekend, preparing for my next trip.  I board the plane tomorrow night..more to come!

Stay warm!! ;)

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Becky said...

You are quite the traveler! Hope you are enjoying San Francisco! It's one of my favorite cities in the world.