Tuesday, July 27


I have never noticed much. The phrase, "Nothin’ gets by me" is simply something I have never articulated (I think). The fact is: a lot gets by me. Whether it is the color of my condo I have been living in for 9 months, the name of that guy I should definitely remember or palpable and otherwise completely obvious details to everyone except for Old Sal. I credit my artistic tendencies for this fact. I am a writer, a painter (1 course in college) and let’s face it, a left-handed weirdo.

Lefty, South Paw, Freak; Call it what you will, but I tend to favor my left hand. This means I am right-brained, which equals more creativity, bigger-picture thinking and more struggle in general.

For years I have encountered baseball gloves fit for right-handed kids, righty-scissors and the strategically placed ring on your local carnival’s carousal that causes clumsy left-handed children to fall off when they reach for it. Now, I know that reaching for carousal rings is something that has not happened since the 1930s, but I once read about in a book entitled, Left Hander Living in a Right Hand World, or something along those lines. And it was horrifying.

The notebooks with spiral rings on the left forced me to smudge all my work with my awkward, sweaty left palm trailing behind my (talented) writing. Eventually the ink would land on my left cheek, forever branding me “LEFTY” (at least for the day). I will never forget the big production of bringing in a left-handed desk for the ‘different’ kid. And because I was left-handed it was hard for me to learn anything that the teacher taught from the right side of the classroom, which explains my bad grades growing up. Half my bed went unmade each morning do my inept right-sided abilities. I was inclined to do bad things in general, as we all know the devil sits on the left shoulder. Life was hard growing up on the rough streets of my white, righty, middle-to-upper-class suburban neighborhood being a left-handed freak. Life was hard.

The point of my rambling (which has come mostly out of the left side of my mouth) is to tell you I am a creative, big picture, all-details-left-behind kind of person and that is why, my friends and loyal readers, I have failed to notice that Adventures with a Sensitive Sally, when abbreviated, makes me a total A.S.S.

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ASS out!

P.S.  To find out if you're left handed, draw a circle.  Did you draw it clockwise?

Yeah, I bet you did, righty.

If you drew the circle counter-clockwise, you are a lefty and should be quite proud!  Click here to find your support group waiting for you!


Anonymous said...

Here are a few comments for you, Sal.
1. I prefer Sal to ASS.
2. You come from a proud line of lefties. Hold your head, chin, and left hand high.
3. You are a terrific painter. Remember that A you got in the painting class in college?
4. I am a Rightie, and I draw circles counter clockwise. That's because I write in script. (That or I've been infected by all of the Lefties I have lived with.)
5. I love your blog.
6. I love you!

Chuck Wolfe said...

Hi Sal,

Fun blog today. What you might not remember is when you were small and I wanted to teach you how to play baseball, I bought you a left handed glove since everything I watched you do, you did left handed. The one exception proved to be throwing a baseball. After we got the glove and we started playing catch you took the glove off and threw with your right hand.

I went "What?" I said try throwing with your left hand. I can't remember if you tried but I know you wanted to throw with your right. It didn't seem to matter, baseball never caught on with you or your sisters. Too bad, it is a great game and you would have been excellent.

Anyway I will leave you with one other thought about lefties, we are the only people who operate in their right mind.


Becky said...

Very funny blog post and very funny comments! I think you can figure out if you are right- or left-handed by observing with which hand you draw the circle. :) Love the new observations page! Do you really not know the color of your condo?? Can't wait to see you soon! XO

Becky said...

I don't know how to comment on your new discoveries, but your latest one about the bugles had me laughing out loud hysterically! :) Very funny SS! Great seeing you in FL!! XO