Monday, June 21

The Importance of a Half

What would the super bowl be without a half-time show?  If there were no half gallons of milk, it would surely go bad.  I'd be willing to bet half my bologna sandwich that half of you out there have a 'better half'.

Chances are you forgot.  Forgot to get me the front part of a card, half a gift or a half eaten cake... 

It's okay though.  I've come to the realization after years and years of missed half birthdays, that no one is ever going to remember. Or care.

That's right people, today I am 2* and a half!  Not only does this mark the first day of summer and the summer solstice, but also another half year of my existence- which I think we're all pretty excited about?!

I probably sound pretty bratty at this point, asking everyone to celebrate a day that no one else really celebrates for themselves, but just wait- I have really great reasons behind my decision to continue to ask you to celebrate- year after year.

Reason #1. My actual Birthday is December 21st.  My entire life I have been called a "Christmas Baby".  Which is weird because I'm Jewish.  What's even more weird is that people use this fact to give me a single gift for both Chanukkah and my birthday.  NOT COOL!  Everyone else gets two, and so should I.  Do I sound like a brat yet?  Wait for reason #2.

Reason #2. My sister's half birthday lands on my cousin's actual birthday.  Coincidentally, this seems to happen every year...  Because of this fact, each year growing up, my parents would remember her half birthday and give her a card!  EVERY YEAR!  Do you know what they gave me on my half birthday? 

You guessed it- Nothing.

So this year, as I contemplated what I should do to celebrate my half birthday, I realized it was going to land the day after Father's day and the day before my other sister's Wedding anniversary.  Ug, I thought, another 1/2 birthday ruined.

But somewhere, during this past half year, I must have learned something about being less selfish and more selfless because all day long during father's day I did not mention anything about my upcoming, HUGE day.  Not more than once, anyway.  And by mentioning my sister's anniversary right here on this blog that everyone** reads, I am really giving her a huge shout out- Way to go, Jen and Robert, on two years of marriage!!! 

See?  I've grown up a lot- haven't I?  It's certainly a good day to reflect on that- seeing that it is my half birthday today...not sure if you had heard....

As you sit at your computer and do the math for 6 months after your birthday, I'll leave you with this Wikipedia definition.


A half-birthday is a day six months before or after the real anniversary of a person's birth.
Most half-birthdays go unremarked, but they may still be celebrated as a special day. Perhaps the most common use is by people whose birthday falls near holidays that are so widely celebrated they can overwhelm private anniversaries. People attending school sometimes celebrate half-birthdays if their real birthdays do not occur during the school year, so they can celebrate with friends and teachers at school.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD, and to all the dads reading this!!!!!
Happy Anniversary, Jen and Robert!!!!!


Becky said...

HAHAHA very funny! I was laughing through that whole post You are the cutest, funniest, best little sister, and I hope you have a very HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY!!! Celebrate in style!! :D

P.S. I think I got more than cards...there was cake...and even one time an opal necklace. But I remember your half birthday being celebrated as well!! XO

Chuck Wolfe said...

Happy day to you! Most every day is a celebration of our lives. And while we may not acknowledge half birthdays for you, we certainly celebrate how lucky we are to have you in our lives.