Wednesday, October 13

Silver Lining

About a year ago I bought a big jar of multi vitamins.  I was excited to start taking care of myself.  I was going to take one every day just like the directions told me to. 

This lasted about a week before I bought something else (maybe bugles?) and just started eating them every day instead.

The multi vitamins were pushed farther and farther back in my cabinet until this morning when a bunch of stuff fell out of my cabinet  until this morning when I was cleaning my cabinet and I found the almost completely full jar.  I decided the only way I would take them everyday is if I take them into work and have one with my breakfast. 

So, about 10 minutes ago, I popped a pill.  Then I thought- Oh, I should check the expiration date. 

Don't worry- we're good until Jan 2011!

Then I thought, I'm going to check out some product reviews online.  I looked down to make sure I had the exact title and began to type:

"C E N T R U M    S I L V E R....

for Adults ... 50+ "


And to make things worse, I have that gross pill taste in my mouth.  You know the one; the one that tastes like 'old.' 

And by old- I'm talking 80+ so calm down.  :)

I guess the 'Silver Lining' is extra fiber!

XO-Sensitive Centrum Silver Sally


Anonymous said...

I know someone who will take those off your hands!

Becky said...

Very silly SS!

Becky said...

P.S. Can't wait to see you Saturday! XO

Becky said...

How about an Ireland recap?? XO

Becky said...

I really like your new design! Does this mean you are going to start writing again?? Your loyal readers would love that!

Becky said...

I miss SS! How about some posts about school?